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  • Established in 1992, Redco Group has grown to a large-scale comprehensive enterprise headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Redco primarily engages in real estate development, overarching diversified business including healthcare, commerce, technology, property, cultural tourism and education. In January 2014, Redco Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 1622.HK), and included in the constituents of the MSCI Index.

    Adopting the brand concept of “To build a better life”, Redco has engineered a product system with distinct differentiations and complementary functions, consisting of residentials, commercial complexes, apartments, office buildings and five-star hotels after years of accumulation of experiences and application of expertise.


    Focusing on product research and development capabilities, Redco Group released a brand new core product system – New Oriental Wellness Architecture (NOWA) in 2019, and later upgraded to 2.0 in 2020. Meanwhile, Redco published the industry’s first Wellness Architecture Epidemic Prevention Design Standard , and established the wellness architecture research centre with Shenzhen University, which opens the gate for Chinese property developers and academic research institutions to collaborate for the purpose of conducting wellness architecture research and dedicating to an ultimate experience of healthy living for the customers in the future.


    To be the most valuable healthy property integrated holding group in China.


      To build a healthier life.


      To finely create a healthy life.


      Healthy life operators.



    Redco Charitable Foundation takes up its missions of promoting social charitable activities, such as poverty alleviation, vulnerable group aid, pandemic prevention, while persevering with its principle to bolster social harmony and sustainable development. The establishment of the foundation will further support folk culture development projects with an emphasis on improving Tianjin-Taiwan Mazu cultural exchanges and cooperation and engaging more stakeholders in the social charitable activities, so as to bring positive energy into the society as an influential cultural ambassador.


    Principle Activities of the Foundation
    The Foundation emphasizes on helping the disadvantaged, emergency relief for major unexpected disasters, promoting Mazu cultural exchanges and the development of Mazu Culture Park.


    (I)Poverty alleviation, vulnerable group aid, disaster relief, pandemic prevention and other social charitable activities;
    (II)Support schemes for youth educational development projects;
    (III)Support schemes for folk culture development projects.

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